Migrating Your Website To WordPress

WordPress is the best platform for SEO and is used by many major companies. Typically when setting up WordPress there are two ways to go about it. Buying directly from WordPress in a similar fashion that you are doing from your previous e-commerce platform, or by using a Host like Bluehost or Godaddy and then hosting the software on their servers. The latter being much more secure and flexible.

You’re free to shop around, but the two host platforms that I recommend to use are Bluehost & Hostgator. Our agency and most of our clients use Bluehost, and they typically always have deals and specials for new customers. The price for a year of hosting can range from ($80 – $150) per year depending on speed and storage. After the purchase of the hosting plan, WordPress is FREE on these platforms.

From there my team will design your WordPress website using the same pictures and copywriting found on your Squarespace website and install the necessary programs and integrations such as email CRM’s. We try and be as bare-bones as possible on the software and plugins we use as we keep website speed and SEO in mind when we build websites.

Many plugins & software are available through WordPress that allow for most of, if not all of the features found on other website platforms.We can do a side-by-side comparison and see if it’s more beneficial to stay or switch over.

What about email?:
We highly recommend getting GSuite/Google Workspace or Microsoft Office. Though host typically have their own email servers, they usually aren’t nearly as good as Gsuite or Microsoft Office. With plans starting at $6 per month and seamless integrations with google drive and all of Google products, it’s hard not to go with Google for your email needs. (It’s what our agency uses)

Is WordPress Good For eCommerce:
Yes! WordPress is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the web. WordPress patterned with Woocommerce can fit all of your e-commerce needs. Shipping, printing, subscriptions, memberships, and more.