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why Paid Advertising Matters To Your Business

Paid advertising, also known as Digital Advertising, is very simple in the sense you can directly see what your marketing dollars are doing and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. This gives you a situation where you KNOW you can put $1 in and get $5 out.

Between, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other social platforms your business could be missing a lot of opportunities to influence customers if you aren’t actively maintaining a social presence. However, before you tackle them all it’s important to know which one will give you the best results possible.

That means that it’s imperative to thoroughly test and research what will deliver the best results for your audience so that precious marketing dollars and time is saved.

The Different Type Of Services

5+ Years Of Social Media Advertising​

Social Media Advertising Done Right​

Paid Digital Advertising is our speciality. We have managed over $4 million in ad spend for our clients since our founding. You can trust us with your marketing budget!
$4 Million of Facebook Ads Managed
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Facebook/Instagram ​

Facebook and Instagram are places where people like to hangout at. These platforms utilize a wide area of “interest based targeting.” Similar to Google, Facebook is also tracking user data. However because people hangout on these platforms Facebook is able to categorize people based on “Likely to have an interest” and “previous history of actions & interest.” For example, if Facebook sees you click on shopping ads frequently and you are frequently in pet groups, then it will show you pet ads.

YouTube/Google Ads​

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google PPC and Youtube both utilize Google’s search data and shows ads related to what your customers are searching for on the internet. This makes Google and Youtube two amazing platforms to target people who are further “Down the funnel” and more likely to buy.
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