The Life Coach Institute

Paid Ad Management, Copywriting, Email Marketing


Too Many Leads For Their Onboarding and Sales Systems

The Life Coach Training Institute (now known as The Global Life Coach Institute) is a training and certification school for life coaches. They offer a coach certificate training program for only $997. Our job was to fill their calendar with new appointments so that their sales team could close them via phone call and collect payments. After working it done we were able to fill their calendar so much that we had to pause the campaign because our marketing efforts overloaded the sales and onboarding systems that they had in place at the time. (Talk about an amazing problem to have!)

Challenges Faced

Before we came on, they had no lead generation efforts going on whatsoever, and they were really needing to fill their classrooms and programs.

How We Helped

We spent time researching winning personas and diving into who would like to be certified as a life coach. From there we got hyperfocused on interest-based targeting, we implemented retargeting ads and retargeting sequences through email, text, and chatbots. We even increased their salespage conversion rate through updated copy and split testing. We even helped rebrand them to pull the whole campaign together.