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Why Our Clients Love Us

We’ve been around the block a few times! through serving hundreds of clients just like you, we know exactly what it takes to put together a successful marketing strategy from beginning to end. Will you be next?

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Search Engine Optimization

Covid Clinic

When Covid Clinic came to us, they were a lesser-known Covid Clinic testing brand competing with the likes of nationally-recognized household names. By focusing on a local seo campaign for each of their locations, we were able to put emphasis on the low-hanging fruit that the big brands were missing, and get incredible results.

We were able to increase Covid Clinic’s revenue by 8 figures in just 3 months, while saving them millions in under-performing paid advertising spend.

Funnels and Content Marketing

Michael Cornell

When Michael Cornell came to us, he needed a way to sell his products and courses. By partnering on multiple sales pages, funnels, and content marketing together, Michael has been able to consistently create multiple five and six figures in his businesses.

By working with us, Michael has been able to exponentially grow his business and teach others about what he does, all while traveling the world.

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Responsive Website and UI/UX Design

LJz Backyard Bayou

When LJz Backyard Bayou started with us, they were mainly operating their business off their Facebook  page alone — which didn’t do any of their incredible food or services justice!

By building them a responsive, beautiful website, we supported them in creating a central hub for their brand, where the community could learn about all that LJz had to offer.

High Ticket Lead Generation

The Global Life Coach Institute

The Life Coach Training Institute (now known as the Global Life Coach Insitute) is a training and certification school for life coaches. They offer a coach certificate training program for only $997. Our job was to fill their calendar with new appointments so that their sales team could close them via phone call and collect payments.

After working it done we were able to fill their calendar so much that we had to pause the campaign because our marketing efforts overloaded the sales and onboarding systems that they had in place at the time. Talk about amazing problem to have!.

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Why Our Clients
Love Us

We’re so confident in our work that we let it speak for itself. But don’t just take our word on our results! Check out what our clients have to say. 

Liz Goodman

Content Expert

Devin is amazing. I just got off a consulting call with him. My head is full of ideas that I can not wait to implement. He is a true professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow their online presence.

Samantha May

Real Estate Consultant

I had the pleasure of consulting with Devin to help with lead generation tactics. He is knowledgeable and straightforward and shed light on alternative ways to achieve what I am doing. I’m looking forward to having him as a mentor soon. Thank you for your help!

Michael Cornell

Real Estate & Business Consultant

I recently wrapped up a lead generation campaign with Devin to generate leads for my business. Immediately he was able to give me clarity and set up a system to help filter leads. So far our campaigns already generated 3 closings.