How Strategic SEO Unlocked an 85% Surge in Organic Traffic for Skin and Cancer Institute

Skin and Cancer Institute, a premier network of dermatology practices along the West Coast, approached us to enhance their digital presence and maximize their reach across approximately 40 locations. Despite having a strong foundation, their online visibility and engagement were not fully optimized to harness the potential of organic search engine traffic. Recognizing the intricacies of marketing such a substantial and specialized healthcare entity, our challenge was to elevate their site health and ensure their services were easily discoverable by those in need.

How We Helped

Our initial step was to comprehensively assess their website’s health, focusing on improving SEO across the board. We recognized that each location’s unique page represented an opportunity to connect with local communities more effectively. By enriching these pages with relevant, rich keywords and increasing the overall word count, we aimed to create a more engaging and informative experience for site visitors. Accuracy of information was paramount; we meticulously verified all details to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.

Beyond mere optimization, our strategy was holistic, targeting improvements that would simultaneously enhance user experience and search engine rankings. This included streamlining navigation, speeding up page load times, and ensuring mobile responsiveness—key factors in improving SEO performance and user satisfaction.

Challenges Faced

The scale of Skin and Cancer Institute’s operations presented unique challenges. With around 40 locations, ensuring consistency and accuracy across each page demanded a nuanced understanding of local SEO principles and the healthcare sector’s regulatory environment. Moreover, the competitive landscape of dermatological services required us to identify and leverage unique keywords that would differentiate Skin and Cancer Institute from its competitors.

Another significant challenge was tracking and analyzing the performance of each location independently, which was crucial for understanding local market dynamics and adjusting strategies accordingly. The ongoing nature of SEO, coupled with the evolving algorithms of search engines, meant that our efforts had to be dynamic and adaptive, requiring constant vigilance and a proactive approach to content updates and keyword optimization.

Through targeted efforts and a data-driven approach, we were able to overcome these challenges, leading to remarkable year-over-year results: an 85% increase in organic sessions and a 77.5% increase in new users, all attributed to our refined organic SEO strategies. This success not only boosted the Skin and Cancer Institute’s online visibility but also underscored the importance of a tailored, comprehensive SEO strategy in today’s digital landscape.