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Ready to see real results from your book sales? Our targeted ad programs are designed to connect your work with its ideal audience, boosting your visibility and profits with minimal fuss.

Welcome to The Book and Brush Ad Program

We understand authors’ unique challenges and aspirations in today’s digital landscape. You’ve poured your heart into your pages, and it’s our mission to ensure they find their way into the hands of readers who will cherish them just as much.

Our advertising solutions are designed with one goal: to elevate your books from hidden gems to celebrated bestsellers. Our tailored programs are engineered to adapt to your specific needs and goals.

What Sets Us Apart?

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Comprehensive Coverage
From Amazon’s vast marketplace to the dynamic realms of Facebook and Meta, our programs span the most critical platforms for book promotion today. We make your book visible in the places where your readers spend their time.
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Expert Craftsmanship
Every ad copy, graphic design, and marketing strategy we employ is the product of years of expertise and a deep understanding of the literary market. We speak the language of your audience, crafting messages that resonate and engage.
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Transparent Communication
Through monthly reports, regular strategy meetings, and an open Slack channel, you’re kept in the loop at every step. Our dashboard provides real-time insights into your campaign’s performance, ensuring you’re always informed and empowered to make decisions.
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Customized Strategies
We recognize the uniqueness of each book and author. Our onboarding call is the first step in crafting a strategy that aligns with your vision, setting the stage for a campaign that reflects the essence of your work.

Joining The Book and Brush Ad Program means more than just gaining access to comprehensive advertising services; it means becoming part of a community that’s passionate about bringing stories to life.

Who is our ad program for?

Our ad program is crafted for authors who dream big and are ready to take their success into their own hands. You’re in the right place if you find yourself nodding to any of the following.

Our program is a perfect fit for authors who are passionate about their craft and proactive in their marketing approach. With our comprehensive support, including everything from ad copy creation to monthly performance reviews, we’re here to ensure that your books reach their target audience and truly resonate with them.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Embarking on your advertising journey with The Book and Brush Ad Program is a straightforward process designed to align our expertise with your unique authorial vision. Here’s how to dive in:
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Schedule Your Onboarding Call

Start by scheduling an onboarding call with us. This initial conversation is key to understanding your goals, your books, and how we can tailor our strategies to suit your needs.


Choose Your Program

Based on our discussion and your budget, select between our Starter and Accelerator programs. Whether you’re new to advertising or ready to expand your reach across multiple platforms, we have the perfect fit for you.


Set Your Budget:

Decide on your advertising budget. Our programs are flexible and designed to accommodate various levels of investment, from $3,000 to $10,000 and beyond. This step ensures that we can maximize your reach without stretching your resources too thin.


Kick-off Meeting

Once you’re on board, we’ll have a kick-off meeting to finalize the details, set expectations, and introduce you to your dedicated team. You’ll also get access to your real-time dashboard and Slack channel for direct communication.


Launch Your Campaign

With everything set, your ad campaign goes live! From here on out, you’ll receive monthly reports, have regular strategy meetings, and enjoy direct access to your team for any questions or adjustments.

Ready to transform your pages into profits?

Joining Book and Brush’s ad program means reaching readers and creating a lasting impact. Let’s turn your stories into the successes they deserve to be.